MISSION: Provide our clients with unique solutions which decide about gaining advantage in design, quality and packaging innovation.

Creativa was founded in 2010 in Kraków as a response to a growing demand of Polish alimentary and pharmaceutical companies for specialised solutions in the scope of Brand&Packaging Design. We created a Team, which thanks to its experience in several areas, such as marketing, selling, design and technology, and the passion of creating new solutions, responded to these expectations perfectly. We are currently a new and dynamically developing company which has achieved a lot so far but is still looking for new challenges. New aims give us everyday motivation to act and joy from achieved success.


We specialize in designing packaging in a broader sense. We analyse the market and the Client's demands. On the basis of the results, we offer our proprietary and creative solutions in the scope of Brand&Packaging Design.

We support Clients also in elaborating the strategy and creating new brands, creating architecture of the brand with preparing Brand Book, strategies of solutions dedicated to multibrand groups, structural 3D design and creating Clients' own brands.

We watch over every step of implementing a new brand or packaging - from the creation of the idea to providing printable materials.


We always try to work for a common success. If our designs are highly rated by the market, it is the reason for us to be proud and it makes it possible for us to gain the Client's trust and long-term co-operation. Three pillars of our work are as follows:

  1. Respect our Clients.
  2. Good relations.
  3. Honesty and professional ethics.


Because we always try to understand the Client's point of view. Even if our visions are different, we think that we can co-operate and compromise in order to achieve the highest targets.